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Himalayan Trekking Holidays

Trekking Holidays In Nepal

picture of nepalese peopleWhether you seek the challenge of ascending Everest, the thrill of white water rafting, the excitement of a jungle safari, the stunning views and rich landscapes along some of the world’s finest trek routes or just want to take in the vibrant local culture, Nepal has it all. Welcome to a truly fascinating and diverse Kingdom where the chill of high mountain passes meets the steam of lush lowland jungle in a unique blend of colourful and diverse people, cultures, ancient and modern histories and stunning landscapes.

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Trekking Holidays In Tibet

picture of tibetan mountainLand of Snows, Roof of the World, Shangri La. Tibet is perhaps the most hidden, beautiful and untamed land of ancient culture and traditions, awesome landscapes, mysterious nomadic peoples, revered monasteries, age old caravan trails and timeless splendours.

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Trekking Holidays In Bhutan

picture of bhutan valleyVisiting the Kingdom of Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon, is to enter a land of stunning landscapes, rich and diverse ecology, vibrant cultures and enthralling histories. We invite you to enter the heart of the Dragon.

View our current Bhutan trekking holidays

Trekking Holidays In India

picture of Taj MahalIndia offers a unique and exotic kaleidoscope
of fairy tale palaces, lakes, temples and gardens, steeped in history and romance, from Himalayan mountain ranges to ancient palaces and forts, sacred sites, abandoned cities, arid deserts and bustling colourful market places.

View our current India trekking holidays

Trekking Holidays In Sikkim

image of sikkim mountain rangeThe best kept secret and “Garden Kingdom of the Himalaya”, is the small Buddhist state of Sikkim. With lush countryside, dramatic terrain and unrivalled trekking trails, this is the ultimate paradise for plant lovers with over 4000 species of flowering plants including 600 species of orchid.

View our current Sikkim trekking holidays

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