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Responsible Travel & Local Development

Responsible Travel

Young ChildrenWe are committed to promoting responsible travel that respects and protects local cultures, communities, landscapes and environments. We believe that being responsible does not mean a compromise in quality or standards of travel but simply a little more thought and care and there are many admirable examples of how tourism can benefit and sustain the environment and local indigenous peoples.

We aim to provide environmentally friendly and responsible adventure travel, including arranging clean up treks, for example to Base Camp, working in partnership with local communities and ensuring our own policies, practices and trips are environmentally friendly and our staff and clients aware of the importance of responsible travel.

We support Tourism Concern and are sponsors of the International Porter Protection Group. We believe that local communities should benefit from tourism and we encourage you to learn about the places you will visit and to show respect and consideration for local cultures, traditions and landscapes. When you make a booking with us we provide Responsible Travel Key Notes and this is also a key part of our pre-trip briefings.

For further information visit Tourism Concern at and The International Porter’s Protection Group at

Local Development

Travel and tourism can be a powerful support and catalyst for change. The Himalayan Adventure Company supports local development in the Himalayas and particularly in Nepal in various ways with both management and staff involved in voluntary and other development work. We employ local people and work with local businesses and communities. We pay fair and good wages and ensure that all our guides, porters and other staff have appropriate facilities and equipment. Their welfare is important to us and we work as a team.

So the money you pay for a memorable travel experience goes directly to local communities and development, another important aspect of responsible travel anywhere.

We are committed to continuing and increasing our support of local development in the Himalaya.

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